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Marco Tiann


Mass Effect 2 for PS3 – modest version


Honestly, I expected more on this game. I am not saying that is bad, I do not say that there are serious problems, I just want to underline the fact that the producers could have done more. General graphics look good, there is no doubt in this regard – there are only some problems that the Xbox version didn’t have – problems that I am going to enumerate right here:

-          Slow textures loading – unacceptable thing for a game that had enough time to “grow up”.

-          Polygons that don’t combine where they should, resulting a chaos in placing the character in the landscape.

-          Faulty sync – the sound of gun fire, the voice of characters with the moving lips.

-          Repeated blocks of the main character in the landscape and sometimes these crashes have as a result shooting a wall and not an enemy.

-          Animation delays, facial movements during the gameplay.

These are the major problems that I have encountered regarding the graphic. I need to say once again that these are not so big problems, and there are not so frequent, but when they occur they can make the game look like a title since the days of Duke 3D.

These problems overshadow the value of this title and in some cases you don’t want to play it anymore, especially if you are a perfectionist and want that the game you play to go extra smoothly.

The story of the game remains unaltered and if you buy the game you will have another three DLCs for free. Basically, after you finish the game, the story does not end, and with the help of the three DLCs you will have a few more hours of gameplay. Just like in Mass Effect 1 you will command a team of three characters with you ahead, for each mission separately. The menu pause during battles, for shortcuts – is also here, this time being improved and easier to use.

But the most important element in this game are your decisions. They not only influence the way the characters from the team see you, but also change the storyline. Basically, the storyline is depending on what you do or say to certain characters. The producers have included in the game quick reactions, just to train you more in the gameplay.

In conclusion: Is it worthy Mass Effect 2 for PS3? Yes, but the producers should have worked more time on it. Compared to PC and Xbox 360 version – which are top versions of this game, this one for PS3 is just a modest version. The fact that it saves you from buying certain DLCs does not excuse all its major problems.